Without Proper Attic Ventilation And Insulation, Your Roof Can Suffer From The Inside

Without proper attic ventilation and insulation, your roof can suffer from the inside, as well as the outside. Don’t put your roof in a position where it is being attacked from both sides.

Look at the basics: we all know what harms of nature your roofing system protects against from the outside, such as wind, snow, rain, extreme heat, and extreme cold. Your roofing system is under constant attack from the sun, relentlessly. Don’t make the job of your roofing system more difficult by having the roofing system attacked from behind, as well, in the attic of your home.

Often, attics do not provide proper ventilation for hot air to escape from the area outside into the environment. Attics are natural pressure cookers, as very little fresh air is introduced into an attic. In warm weather, the air inside an attic heats up dramatically and tries to escape. With proper ventilation to aid in the escape of hot air, that hot air – remember your elementary school science – tries to rise, bumping against the back side of your roofing system. So, the roofing system is being attacked from the outside by the heat, and, simultaneously, is being attacked by the back/inside by perhaps greater, superheated air.

As with anything over cooked, your rRoofers system is unable to perform as designed, and deteriorates quicker than the manufacturer intended, leaving you with a potentially expensive roofing system replacement.

There are some simple solutions which will help your roofing system. First, make sure your attic has proper ventilation, especially in warm weather. Allow that hot air a way to escape. 247PRO can offer you several helpful solutions to properly ventilate your attic so overheated air escapes in the summer, and cold air is kept out in the winter.

Then, add proper insulation to the back of your roof. Yes, you already have insulation in your attic protecting the bottom of the attic between the attic and the living space of the house, but add a layer of insulation directly to the back of the roofing system, too. That will protect the more delicate back of the roof from the rising overheated air in the warm weather months.

Your roofing system works hard for you; be kind to it and extend its life by using proper ventilation and insulation. It will save you money and make your home more comfortable at the same time.