3 Ways To Improve Attic Ventilation For Increased Air Conditioning Efficiency

Global warming has already shown its impact on nature. Every single year, the average temperature of Earth is increasing, making the summer unbearable every single day. Whether it is a small single-family home in the suburb or a posh apartment in the downtown, you have to depend on an efficient AC to get relief from the scorching heat. It is obvious that you would expect your unit to perform with utmost efficiency throughout the summer months. But if it fails to do that, you must take note of certain points. In a city like New Port Richey, it is even more important to pay attention to your air conditioning unit. As soon as you start facing problems with the system, start thinking about the issues that cause inefficiency. There can be multiple reasons why your AC falters. While some of the reasons are technical, the rest can be found right in your home. Ventilation is one of the key reasons why you fail to get cooling as expected. The warm air filled with moisture seeps through these leaks forcing your AC work harder. Therefore, the attic ventilation has a direct impact on the efficiency of the AC units. To get rid of the surging utility bills, understand this unique relationship and you will be able to address the issue as soon as possible.

Clear the Bottleneck

Most people do not prefer spending much time in the attic as the lack of ventilation makes the place clumsy, and claustrophobic. The hot, stuffy air thereof takes a toll on your air conditioning unit and affects its efficiency. Blocked vents are to be blamed for this suffocating condition, as they hinder the flow of cool air throughout the home. So, even if you don’t like to spend much time in the attic, do visit the place from time to time and clear the bottlenecks as far as possible.

How to Take Care of Attic Ventilation?

It is essential to let the attic breathe. Even if there’s sufficient ventilation, you can take extra care with the help of the following.

Smart Tips to Take Off the Heat From the Attic

If you’re living in a home in the warm climatic zone, opt for light-colored roofs so that the sun’s rays are reflected. Also, there are reflective coatings which you can apply to the roof and reduce the absorption of solar heat.

While the part above the roof is taken care of with the reflective coatings, you need to think of the side beneath the roof too. Install aluminum foils which work as heat barriers preventing the heat absorption by almost 25 percent. The insulation is doubled when you follow these tricks while living in warm and humid climates.

To optimize the air conditioning efficiency in your New Port Richey home, controlling the attic ventilation is necessary. Having a healthy airflow within the house will help your home remain fresh when the sun steals the show outside.