Attic Cleaning Basics

Most of us give very little attention to our attics and neglect is as much as we can. Like it or not attics are an important part of our homes and having a dirty attic will only create problems for you and your family. Many kind of dirt and growths can happen in an attic and these need to be cleaned on a regular basis to maintain a healthy environment in your home. The unseen dust, dander and mold growths taking place in your attic very well could be irritating your family members’ lungs and even making allergies worse. Allergens and irritants that origin in your attic constantly seep in through the doors, ceiling hatches, recessed lights and heating and cooling system ducts. Keep your attic clean and well maintained to create a healthy environment for you and your family. Also when you have a clean attic you can actually use it for something productive.

Once you have got your attic cleaned it is necessary to maintain it from time to time so that you can always have that clean environment inside your home. Maintaining your attic will keep all the irritants out of your attic.

Mold growths are one of primary reasons of airborne irritants. Small leaks on the roof and cracked caulking can let moisture into your house and that can result in mold growths. Check your home once in a while to inspect if there are any leaks or cracked caulking on your window frames. If you see a large mold growth then it is time to call in the experts.